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Announcement of YFCHK Changing Operating Company & Team Name

Sun, 06/08/2014

Thank you for your continuous support to Yokohama FC Hong Kong.

The operating company of Hong Kong First Division League Football Team Yokohama FC Hong Kong will be changed.

Starting from 2012/13 Season, Yokohama FC Hong Kong joined the Hong Kong First Division League, and we have finished the 2nd season in Hong Kong. We arrived in Hong Kong at year 2012, and we are working hard to become a Hong Kong-based football club with lots of support from everyone. In order to become a more Hong Kong-based football club which is supported by Hong Kongese, the team will be operated by Hong Kong Company with brand new management structure in the next season.

At the same time, the team name will also be changed also.

As the team name Yokohama FC Hong Kong is well known in Hong Kong, the name YFC will be kept and the new team name will become YFCMD.

Please continuously support the team which is reborn into YFCMD. Thank you.

New Management Structure

1.New Operating Company
○Business Nature Entertainment
○Representative KHAN SWADIQ(簡文滌)

2.Team Name
・In English YFCMD
・In Chinese YFC澳滌

3.Period of Changing Operating Company
Starting from 1st July 2014, operating company will be handed over to new company.

*Our mother company LEOC Co., Ltd will become the main sponsor and support the team YFCMD continuously.  

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